Hair Care

When Washing Your Hair

Detangle your extensions with a wide tooth comb from bottom ends to the top.

1. Shampoo or Co wash

2. Detangle

3. Condition

4. Rinse thoroughly with cold water

5. Let air dry for best results

When Sleeping

Always cover your hair with satin or silk bonnets. Its best to braid or wrap your extensions before bed

Tight Texture Care 

Dampen hair with a conditioner and water mix. DETANGLE USING A WIDE TOOTH COMB. Scrunch hair gently and let air dry.

Avoid alcohol based products.

IWearPosh - Luxury Brand Extension, Unlike other hair brands, our extensions have been specifically hand picked by our company and manufactured for our company offering you the very best in virgin hair.

Although IWearPosh- Luxury Brand Extensions offers the very best in quality. Please keep in mind when coloring or bleaching your extension you are then changing the textures and processing your hair. It is very important to keep your hair moisturized.